FBI Association Honors Englewood Native

Englewood Gets A New Neighborhood Hero.

Raydell Lacey of Not Before My Parents continues to perform acts of #GoodInEnglewood  and #GoodInTheNeigborhood throughout Chicago. She was awarded The 2018 Community Hero for outstanding service to others and the community. Recognized by the #FBI Citizen Alumni Association on July 19, 2018 at Union League Chicago.

(L-R) Rashanah Baldwin, Raydell Lacey and Erick Lacey
(L-R) Erick Lacey, Rashanah Baldwin, Raydell Lacey, Officer Janice Wilson and Commander Kenneth Johnson (007th District CPD)

Not Before My Parents mission is to empower the youth through the game of chess. Chess promotes healthy competition and it motivates as well as introduces the game to youth who may not have otherwise considered playing. Rather than choosing violence, members of the chess teams will sit down and work out their differences using stategic moves over the chess board.

“Youth in today’s society are so tied up into social media and electronics that the tradition of outdoor play has become lost. Youth are not being physically active nor are they learning the skills of how to interact in team settings, we believe from skills learned from chess they can apply in everyday life,” says Raydell Lacey, Founder of Not Before My Parents.

NBMP was established in 2012 by Raydell Lacey, 18 years after the murder of her 21 year old daughter, Elonda D. Lacey aka Ms. Buckey, In January 2016 Raydell’s grandson, Erick L. Lacey Jr., aka E.J. was murdered.

NBMP also offers support to parents and youth who have suffered a loss. NBMP also offers coping skills. If needed, families, parents, and/or youth are referred for additional resources. For donations visit: www.notbeforemyparents.com for more information, call  (773) 231-8163.