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What’s Good In Englewood

Search for Englewood, a Chicago neighborhood, and you’ll get numerous news reports with crimes, murders, and guns. Frustrated hearing only about the terrible things happening in Englewood, Rashanah Baldwin has made it her mission to tell the untold stories of the neighborhood, the ones that highlight what’s already working and inspire hope for a better future. By showcasing these types of stories, Rashanah shows the inherent value of Englewood that is often lost in the sensational news stories. She hopes these stories will inspire the community and local government to invest more in the neighborhood.

Already community members have been bringing the news to Rashanah, using the hashtag she created, #goodinenglewood. News has included such stories as showcasing students who won the Gates Millennium Scholarships, gun buyback programs that have succeeded, and an urban farm organization that’s offered job-training classes. The movement was even covered by the Chicago Tribune , Huffington Post and PBS. Plus featured in the New York Best Seller “Broadcasting Happiness” by Michelle Gielan, Journalist Positive Psychology Researcher and Bestselling Author.

What’s Good in Englewood is a media campaign created by Rashanah Baldwin, using #goodinenglewood to share positive news stories about Englewood. The goal is to create a better perception of the community and show that there is hope. To broadcast these stories, Rashanah has her own radio program, does TV appearance, and uses social media. 

“What’s #GoodInEnglewood” on WKKC 89.3 FM air on Tuesday’s at 10:15am c.s.t live on WKKC 89.3 FM with Rashanah Baldwin discussing all things #GoodInEnglewood  and #GoodInTheNeigborHood
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